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How to upgrade R4i 3DS card for 3DS V 5.1.0-11

From 15th May 2013, onward production of non-RTS card 3DS has stopped. But r4i-sdh 3ds official still continue support the old 3DS and new 3DS card for the upgrading. It is good news to all players who came across the R4i 3DS card upgrade problem.

If the R4i card you got is old version or the card was released before 3DS V5.1.0-11 update, the patch of R4i SDHC 3DS may not be able to be compatible with 3DS V5.1.0-11,or it shows errors. it need to be upgraded to fix the problem now.the fixing method we state below apply to all R4i cards,such as R4i 3DS RTS ,R4i 3DS V 5.0,R4i 3DS 4.5 and so on.

Things you need to get:

1. A DSL /DSi /3DS console which the version of it is below 3DS V 5.1.0-11
2. The latest kernel of r4i card from official website.
3. A SD card

Here are the specific steps :
1. Download the latest kernel of  official website

2. Unzip the latest kernel and put all file into the root directory of your SD card

3. Inser your SD card into r4i card  and put you r4i 3DS into your console.

4. Power your console ( pls pay attention to keep your console powerful during the upgrading )

5. Enter the menu, you will find a .nds file, click it.

6. After finished all steps, just reboot your console, you can play r4i gold 3DS now.

It’s easy to operate this kind of problems by yourself. Hope that can help you well. Or if you just want to buy a r4i gold 3DS flashcards which has been preflashed .maybe which is the official retailer of R4i gold 3DS is the best choice for you.

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